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Eastern Edition unravels motifs from Korean nature and materials with modern aesthetics.
We deliver meaningful and timeless designs through thoughtful materiality, craft details, and contemporary aesthetics



  • Scheduled to open 2024


    The Yeoju Ceramic Network platform, joined by space designer Yang Tae-oh of Taeoyang Studio, marks a new beginning as a space for relaxation and experience beyond the existing show window.The Yeoju Ceramic Neckwork Platform proposes a showcase space with a contemporary concept where you can explore the beginning and end of pottery and get to know Yeoju ceramics and relax.The Yeoju Ceramic Neckwork platform, which will be expressed in a contemporary and avant-garde manner that maximizes the artistry of hand-made ceramics through historical Yeoju's site and natural materials techniques, will be delivered as a way to renew the image of Yeoju ceramics and rediscover new experiences. DISCOVER MORE
  • 2023 April


    The Eastern Edition was joined by the gallery Shilla Seoul Samcheong-dong, which was expanded two years after the opening of the Seoul exhibition hall.Gallery Shilla, which has promoted the value of a specialized gallery specializing in modern art and has been exhibiting works focusing on conceptual art, minimal art, and monochromatic paintings, plays a pivotal role for the authenticity of art.The harmony between Gallery Shilla, which advocates contemporary art and contributes to the development of modern art through exchanges with world-class artists, and Eastern Edition, which pursues the essential beauty of the East beyond Korea, conveys the beauty of traditional art. DISCOVER MORE
  • 2023 March


    The Taeoyang Studio conducted spatial design and consulting of Manrijihwa, which aims to convey the experience of Korean gourmet in a new and in-depth way.In the space of Manriji painting, which adds the beauty of space through narrow and wide, bright and dark contrast, various artworks are placed along with the contrast of materials, adding a special sensibility that modernity and the past stay at the same time.Manrijihwa, which contains the seriousness conveyed by the experience of Korean traditional architecture, aims to create a Korean space that wanted to become one with nature by proposing a space for the complete delivery of aesthetic consciousness and relaxation with the surrounding landscape and nature. DISCOVER MORE
  • 2023 March


    Headquartered in Gwangju, Jeolla-do, Top Infrastructure is an innovative company that improves its unique technology and construction capabilities in solar, architecture, civil engineering, and electricity fields, and Eastern Edition will join the Seoul branch of Top Infrastructure.The sustainable brand aesthetics of the top infrastructure and Eastern Edition, which contain eco-friendly systems and corporate values that put customers first, meet in one space and introduce the beauty of the space that visually unravels the values of the two brands. DISCOVER MORE
  • 2022 December


    Eastern Edition collaborates with NOUHAUS, a lifestyle brand that designs a range of innovative and functional furniture through in-depth research. The Itaewon lounge space creates a sense of relaxation where Eastern Edition Furniture and NOUHAUS are in harmony with each other, altogether becoming a communal space for cultural experiences. DISCOVER MORE
  • 2022 October


    Lotte Hotel's spa brand "Retreat Signiel," which opened on the 86th floor of Signiel Seoul in Jamsil Lotte World Tower, is a resting place where you can experience healthy beauty in your daily life by adding Korea's original philosophy and high-level sensibility.The Eastern Edition collection, which is joined by Yang Tae-oh, a space designer who leads Teoyang Studio, in the Retreat Signiel Spa space that harmonizes traditional and modern beauty, talks about a philosophy with essential beauty and sincerity inspired by Korea's original aesthetics and traditional crafts.It discovers the beauty of only its own traditional culture and guides it to a place of deep beauty and healing through a space containing stable and meaningful contemporary reinterpretation. DISCOVER MORE
  • 2022 October


    Konjiam Resort, developed with the concept of 'a resort in daily life that provides high-quality refreshment', is a four-season resort with various and unique facilities. Eastern Edition, located in two spaces, Konjiam Resort 'EW Village' and 'L Village', talks about the depth of natural properties and pursues sustainability. We guide you to a place of relaxation with nature through Konjiam Resort and Eastern Edition Collection, which contain the wish for a prosperous life in everyday life through the endless cycle of nature. DISCOVER MORE
  • 2022 July


    Parnas Hotel opened on Jeju Island in July 2022 at beautiful Jungmun, Seogwipo-si, where the land closes, and the sea opens. Parnas Hotel Jeju is the first five-star independent management hotel presented outside the Seoul and Gyeonggi region. Designed by Teo Yang Studio, the custom furniture for Parnas Hotel Jeju was inspired by the beautiful nature surrounding Seogwipo-si, Jeju. Drawing from natural elements such as rocks, wind, and water, designs prioritized harmonizing natural materials that excluded decorative features to create a comfortable and restful destination. The Curved Sofa and Side Table are customized for Parnas Hotel, highlighting its organic form language with flowing curves that resemble Jeju Island's pebbles. DISCOVER MORE
  • 2022 June


    The meeting between SIMPAC, Korea's first press manufacturer, and Eastern Edition created a new office space for SIMPAC. SIMPAC is a global company based on a customer value management philosophy. With its slogan, The First The Best, it has led the customer-centered quality control system and achieved and maintained qualitative competitiveness through constant improvements and innovations. Meet the library space that unveils the retrained beauty and its dignity through the meeting of furniture collections of SIMPAC, which pursues customer-centered value, and Eastern Edition, which allows 1:1 customizing of all products, and through the Eastern Edition furniture in SIMPAC's office space. DISCOVER MORE
  • 2022 Fabeuary


    Seolhaewon, located in Yangyang, Gangwon-do, is a high-end comprehensive resort with its name derived from ‘seol’ (snow) from Seoraksan Mountain, ‘hae’ (sea) from the East Sea, and ‘won’ (hill), meaning “a garden of rest that embraces Seoraksan Mountain and the East Sea.” Upon entrance to the resort, one can sense the interplay of Seolhaewon's sustainable architectural philosophy and Eastern Edition's design ethos that pursues timeless beauty. DISCOVER MORE